Today’s great, go-getter guest is Anne Feste, a mom of two grown children, who has been practicing Real Estate for eighteen years… and she’s Carla’s best friend.

Anne grew up in rural Washington in a town that was known for fishing and lumber. Her biggest issue, while growing up, was being told that women could only be teachers, nurses or housewives- with the ultimate goal being to marry someone and have him be successful. This looked like a losing game to Anne, so she became fierce about learning how to be independent and how to make her own way in life. She found Real Estate to be a great means for creating that. Listen in today and find out more about what gets Anne going.

On today’s show, Anne talks to Carla about:

  • What brought her to Real Estate.
  • Why she would recommend seeing a Career Counsellor.
  • Her game-changing experience after finishing Real Estate School.
  • How her one-page business plan became a game changer.
  • Her story about why the bank took her out to lunch in 2000.
  • The sale in her first year that she countered back fifteen times, before closing.
  • The house with an outline of a body on the floor…
  • Her biggest challenge in the Real Estate business.
  • Where she gathers her strength when the going gets tough.
  • Her advice to a younger version of herself, starting out in Real Estate.
  • The best advice that she’s been given.
  • Why you need to measure your dollar all the time.
  • Why you shouldn’t cheat your life for wishy-washy clients.

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