What does theater set design and staging a home to sell have in common? A lot actually! This week, Carla sits down with her own home designer Cora Sue Anthony to talk about the powerful, but a subtle art of home staging. Taking elements from her background in drama and design, Cora Sue looks at home design as a way to shape the emotions you feel when you walk into a house.

Cora Sue knows that it takes a special touch to stage a house. Listen this week as she shares her creative approach to business, tips, and tools of the trade, and stories that are both funny and inspiring. Buying a home is already emotional, so let’s use design to show off the best of those emotions!

Today, Cora talks about:

  • Cora Sue’s journey from theater set designer to home stager.
  • The theory of home staging.
  • Modern homes v. Contemporary homes.
  • Cora Sue’s secret beginnings to her home design business.
  • How design generates an emotional response for the buyer.
  • Cora Sue shares a funny staging story!
  • Tips for people who want to begin staging.
  • Cora Sue’s inspirational makeovers for chemotherapy wards.

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