Considering joining the many driven individuals in the world of Real Estate? Have you been in the business for years, but find yourself losing steam? Have you reached that moment where you can sit back and watch generations of hard work play out before your eyes? There is a story here for each of you!

Julie has been writing articles for “The Perspective” since she first began as a Real Estate Agent. From Jazz dancer to house flipper, Julie knows a thing or two about working hard to make a career worthwhile. She knows all about leaving baseball games to show a house or picking up a paintbrush to touch up the walls herself. Real Estate is one of the most rewarding careers, but it also requires hard work and trust. Listen this week as Carla and Julie share stories to inspire you to do the work you love!

Also in this episode:

  • Julie’s route towards Real Estate and her roots.
  • Balancing Real Estate with family life.
  • The competitive environment led to “The Perspective.”
  • Stories of being a new agent, working with a twin sister, and showing up for the clients.
  • The various roles that agents need to play.
  • The perks…and the drawbacks of joining Real Estate.
  • Julie shares how Barbara Corcoran’s book inspired her.
  • Working to separate life from business.
  • Find a fabulous mentor.

The 10 Essentials to Master your Real Estate Career

Stop wasting your time on outdated strategies that do not work.