Today’s episode is a tribute by Carla’s guest, Vijay Mehrota, to a Real Estate agent who was very near and dear to his heart. On today’s show, he tells her story.

Vijay Mehrota, from Oakland, is a scientist, teacher, writer, jogger, sports fan and an excellent storyteller. His day job is as a Business and Analytics Professor at the University of San Francisco. He holds a Liberal Arts Degree from St Olaf’s College, a Ph.D from the Engineering School at Stanford University and very few grudges!

Today, Vijay pays tribute to his dear friend, Carol McNeill Bell, who lived from 1934 to 2016. His story with Carol begins on the Friday after Thanksgiving in 1986. Listen in and find out more about this wonderful and inspiring woman and Vijay’s friendship with her that spanned three decades.

Today, Vijay talks about:

  • How he first arrived at Carol’s house.
  • How Carol invited him to dinner, little knowing that her house would become his home base for the next twenty years.
  • Carol and her lovely arts and crafts house.
  • How different Carol was to his parents.
  • Carol’s journey that led her back to the house she grew up in.
  • Carol’s profession as a Physical Therapist and her work with polio patients.
  • Carol’s great feel for Real Estate and her success as a Realtor.
  • Carol’s return to Minnesota.
  • Carol’s passion for first time home buyers and marginalized individuals.
  • The level of loyalty that Carol engendered.
  • Carol’s deep belief in community and how she put her money where her mouth was.
  • How Carol cared for her clients and honored her profession.
  • Carol’s children and her positive and consistent presence in their lives. (And in Vijay’s)
  • The technological changes during Carol’s career.
  • The biggest lesson that Carol taught Vijay.

R.I.P. Carol


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